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Wasting not, wanting not

Crackling has an affiliation with the Zero Food Waste Australia campaign, chilli plants withering towards the finish line of summer, an aging bag of juicing apples and a keffir lime tree. Time to share with the group. Zero Food Waste is a way of thinking around what...

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08 April
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In Japan: part 2. Adaptations

  When you have a country of 127.8 million citizens and only 12.5% of your land is arable and you are crazy about food, then you need to learn to adapt. Take the famous Japanese Udon noodle: Slippery, thick, filling and bland the Udon noodle sops...

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25 June
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Dutch Process Cocoa Pear Cake

I like to use Dutch Processed cocoa when I bake. I also like an excuse to use the phrase "Chelating Agent". This cake is dense, moist and Low GI, full of fibre and perfect for breakfast with strong coffee. [caption id="attachment_672" align="alignnone" width="300"] Beurre Bosc Pears[/caption] [caption id="attachment_676"...

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29 May
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Very Easy Cheesecake Recipe

Really, there is no equilibrium in the equation Effort in - Kudos out. It is fantastically easy and will make you disproportionately popular. But that is not necessarily a bad thing if you do not use your power for evil. I made this pineapple cheesecake with...

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03 September
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Penne, Greens and Beans Recipe

High in Resistant Starch, quick and easy and even better cold the next day for lunch. A flavourful, simple sauce can be quickly made to coat all ingredients, just remember to add some contrasting textures. 2 servings: one for dinner and one for lunch, cold, tomorrow which...

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02 September