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Mirin and Teriyaki sauce

Japanese pantry basics bought, jet lag and karaoke bar hangover dispersed it was time to start cooking. But because I am a food technologist I need to know precisely what I'm dealing with. In her book "Japanese Women Don't Get Fat or Old" Naomi Moriyama talks...

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12 February
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In Japan: part 2. Adaptations

  When you have a country of 127.8 million citizens and only 12.5% of your land is arable and you are crazy about food, then you need to learn to adapt. Take the famous Japanese Udon noodle: Slippery, thick, filling and bland the Udon noodle sops...

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25 June
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In Japan: part 1

Crackling has just returned from a holiday in Japan. Yes, the food was amazing. There is so much to tell and to explore about my time in Japan, food wise, but to start here is a simple story about one chilly day in Osaka. Crackling and entourage...

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08 December