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Angel Delight: Too good to be true?

"Hey, do you remember XYZ?" is a very cheap way to start an internet dialogue. However, this instance has value-added chemistry in it. Come with me to tea-time treats out of a packet. North Americans call it "pudding". Not much of a ring to it. British-types...

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16 October
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Very Easy Cheesecake Recipe

Really, there is no equilibrium in the equation Effort in - Kudos out. It is fantastically easy and will make you disproportionately popular. But that is not necessarily a bad thing if you do not use your power for evil. I made this pineapple cheesecake with...

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03 September
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Cold. Sticky Toffee Date Cake Cold

Time to cook this again tonight for friends. It's winter here. It's chilly. Perfect for this: I'm afraid we were on to the second bottle of shiraz voigner when I took the pictures so they are slightly squiffy. Those aren't my hands Yes, I know there are...

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01 June