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Space is expensive on the crowded shop shelves, however, working with Product Development Specialists could help you make the most of nutritional claims and consumer trends without eating in to your integrity as a quality producer.

Imagine you are about to take your new product to market, exciting times! You may feel that Nanna’s authentic recipe for paddy melon rind relish needs no more embellishment and can speak for itself, however, ifyou are entering a competitive market it will pay to take note of trends.

Think of it as new colours for new seasons in fashion: Your electric pink and yellow polyester ra-ra skirt may do a fine job of keeping consumers’ legs warm but the must-have bandage dress it is not.




Enhanced Nutrition over Taste.

Extensive market research shows that when consumers hit the supermarket aisles, the farmers market trestles or the online emporiums they are driven by trends, and the key trend of 2015/6 is Enhanced Nutrition over Taste.

Consumers are not only asking if your Nanna’s Paddy Melon Rind Relish will taste good on their sourdough toast but if will it deliver a bonus bang of special nutritive health for their buck?

More and more consumers have their own Health and Wellness Strategy, be it founded in empirical peer-reviewed research or based on a handsome celebrity chef’s Twitter feed. Thanks to the Food Standards Codes in Australia and New Zealand it is very difficult for to make fraudulent claims so producers with a good moral compass need not fear they are fleecing the public in any way. Why not take a look at your latest product and see if it can take a ride on the latest trends and reach more customers?



Nanna’s Paddy Melon Rind Relish – the Next Big Thing*


Here are the top ten nutrition trends consumers will have in mind for 2015 according to the Key Trends Report produced by New Nutrition Business.
Let’s see how Nanna’s Paddy Melon Rind Relish aka Nanna’s Relish  stacks up:


1. Weight Wellness: 

Notice the absence of old fashioned shaming, qualifying terms? No more watching or reducing as the emphasis is on being Well not perfect. Consumers are managing their weight with functional foods that can reduce bloating, promote digestive health or deliver a high dose of good nutrition, such as whole grains. This is the biggest driver of all 2015 trends and you need to be across it. Ask a specialist to take a look at Nanna’s Reslish and fit it in to a weight wellness manifesto.

health wellness

Beautifully Balanced in every way, soft tofu, tofu skin and pickled lotus heart


2. Naturally Functional:

First of all, Functional means that foods meet consumer needs for general health and well being but also help manage certain health conditions. All decent food is Naturally Functional but some is more targeted than others. Nanna’s Relish has a reasonable amount of fibre and is therefore functional for digestive health. But is that fibre content readily available during the digestive process? Check with a product development specialist with scientific and technical training who can verify and reference your claims. An hour’s consultation could get you on the consumer top table.


3. Snackification:

Fairly obvious – food on the go. Could you put Nanna’s Relish in snack-sized pots? Best speak to a packaging specialist.


Get your junk food fix on the snacking shinkansen Japanese style


4. Protein:

This one is here to stay. Nanna’s Relish is not going to win any prizes in this category but have you considered extending the range by adding protein-rich nuts or seeds.


 5. Good carbs vs. Bad carbs:

While everyone knows that carbs are vital as part of a balanced, healthy diet it seems aligning your product with one or the other is key in the current climate (cough, cough the Paleo fad). Best to ride in the tail wind of this trend by adding a serving suggestion on the label to use wholegrain toast which is simply good nutritional sense.



6. Dairy – the natural wholefood:

A brilliant example of re-branding for this food group. Sensible portions of dairy have always been an important part of health. Could you sell a pureed version of Nanna’s Relish to your local yogurt producer? Even if your product is lacking a key trend it is always worth considering tapping the value-add market with other producers.


Yogurt – dairy AND digestive wellness


7. Free From:

Go for your life, this one is a gift. Almost every product is free from something.

pork pie

This delicious snack size artisanal English Pork Pie is free from chlorophyl, for example

8. Casting out the Sugar Demon:

Nanna’s Relish is simply going to have to sit this one out and concentrate on its positives. Dietary demons have cycles in the media and the public’s consciousness. Things should calm down in a couple of years but you could always advocate portion control or play up sugar’s role as a natural preservative for the other goodies in your product.


9. Fat:

Chefs, gourmets and most probably Nanna have always known that fat equals flavour. Nutritionists have battled with fat as a contributor to the epidemic of obesity but also to good nerve and brain health. While Nanna’s Relish is fat free you could look at foods that are signing up to this trend and piggy-back your product as an excellent accompaniment to those foods – charcuterie and artisan cheeses for example – across your social media. Team up with other producers riding this trend and offer your product as part of a bundle.


Sweet, sweet, fatty goodness


10. Digestive Wellness:

Foods that feed your good gut flora are another key driver of this year’s trends. No secret to many global cuisines, fermented and cultured products are close enough to food to fit in with the Natural Functional trend but powerful enough to be seen as magic bullets. Could N develop a fermented product to fit this trend? Talk to a Product Development Specialist to see if this kind of range extension is feasible.


* recipe ripped from The Novice Gardener Blog 

Crackling’s affiliated Product Development Specialist can be contacted at susanna@growconsultancy.com.au


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