Penne, Greens and Beans Recipe

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High in Resistant Starch, quick and easy and even better cold the next day for lunch.

A flavourful, simple sauce can be quickly made to coat all ingredients, just remember to add some contrasting textures.

2 servings: one for dinner and one for lunch, cold, tomorrow which will contain even more resistant starch .

Boil up a pan of water and add two handfuls of wholewheat penne rigatoni, keep an eye on it while you make the sauce as you must take it off the heat and drain it as soon as it becomes al dente.

For the sauce

two or three anchovy fillets and their olive oil
two cloves of garlic chopped
sprinkle of chilli flakes or any spicy seasoning mix, I used Cajun spice mix. No banjo playing evident, though. Thank the Lord.
tablespoon of olive oil
handful of fresh greens, shredded,  I used curly kale
Half a cup of canned beans, drained, I used borlotti
Texture – I used grilled slices of chorizo, but you could add olives or a couple of sardines or some toasted pine-nuts.

Heat a small pan, sizzle the anchovies in their oil until they melt. Add the garlic and cook for 2 minutes. Turn the heat up slightly and add the shredded greens, the water remaining from the washing will steam them while the flavoured oil will coat them and make all those chlorophyls and vitamins bio-available for your body (did you know you MUST eat greens with some kind of oil in order to get the nutritional benefits? True.) When they start looking cooked sprinkle on the chilli seasoning and add a spoonful of the pasta water  and mix in the beans and set aside.

Drain the pasta, return to pan and add the sauce ingredients and toss to coat thoroughly. Check seasoning.

Turn onto serving dish and garnish with the texturally contrasting protein of your choice. This is Chorizo from Mondo Butchers, brought quite literally to my door by Urban Locavore as part of their August Tasting Box.


Here is a vegetarian version with parmesan.

  • Old Biddy | Sep 2, 2012 at 22:03

    No, I did NOT know that greens must be eaten with some kind of oil to get the nutritional benefits (love ‘hard’ greens done Italian style with oil and garlic) and nor did I know that eating my pasta/porridge/potatoes cold (or cooled) = more resistant starch. This blog is an education and no mistake!

    • Crackling | Sep 3, 2012 at 08:07

      Well in that case you will love the broccoli rabe post, I hope.,I haven’t heard it called “hard” brens before, so thank you for that. I also have a 10 page report on why Italian cooks nailed the science behind the soffritto, which will go up at some point.

  • Mars Lord | Sep 2, 2012 at 23:54

    Yeah! My favourite food blogger is blogging again. 😀

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