The answer is Blue
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The Answer to The French is Bleu

The answer to the French Paradox - vats of wine and high fat dairy products = low cardiovascular mortality - could be down to the blue mold cheeses which inhibit cholesterol formation and not simply abundant quantities of top quality Cotes du Rhone. A report published...

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24 April
Kaffir Lime by Tony Wong
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Kaffir limes.

Oh, it has been a long time since Crackling had any bright ideas or pithy observations. There is, however, something of a back log waiting to spring forth. So just as a teaser, just to see if anyone is still out there, here's a picture...

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15 April
Kuromon vendor one
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In Japan: part 1

Crackling has just returned from a holiday in Japan. Yes, the food was amazing. There is so much to tell and to explore about my time in Japan, food wise, but to start here is a simple story about one chilly day in Osaka. Crackling and entourage...

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08 December
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Very Easy Cheesecake Recipe

Really, there is no equilibrium in the equation Effort in - Kudos out. It is fantastically easy and will make you disproportionately popular. But that is not necessarily a bad thing if you do not use your power for evil. I made this pineapple cheesecake with...

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03 September
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Penne, Greens and Beans Recipe

High in Resistant Starch, quick and easy and even better cold the next day for lunch. A flavourful, simple sauce can be quickly made to coat all ingredients, just remember to add some contrasting textures. 2 servings: one for dinner and one for lunch, cold, tomorrow which...

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02 September
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Paula Fitzgerald: Caterpillar Bites

Caterpillar Bites Part one of an occasional series looking at women in the food industry in Perth. Paula Fitzgerald has always had artistic tendencies. In high school she wanted to be a painter but was dismayed by the paltry prices work at art fairs was fetching....

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17 August