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Thank goodness I finally have a laptop to work on in my kitchen. Not only does hamper procrastinating about beginning writing but my usual computer station is filled with the odour of re-hydrating dried mushrooms. My Mother in law always cooks on a Thursday and...

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23 June
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Girona, Catalonia – El Mercat Del Lleo.

Just across the street from our hotel in El Placa del Lleo is Girona's retail food market. This is the distribution centre for the city's fresh produce. What a joy to behold. The purpose built hall houses wet, dry, cured, moist, slippery, crunchy, crispy and soft...

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26 October
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Fusion Family Style

This week one of the many cousins from  Sabah, East Malaysia,  and his family is here in holidaying in Perth. There is food. Lots and lots of food. Not fancy. Not restaurant standard. Not painstakingly thought out. Not complicated. Not towered nor stacked nor served...

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12 June