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Angel Delight: Too good to be true?

"Hey, do you remember XYZ?" is a very cheap way to start an internet dialogue. However, this instance has value-added chemistry in it. Come with me to tea-time treats out of a packet. North Americans call it "pudding". Not much of a ring to it. British-types...

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16 October
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Sorghum 101.

"What can I tell the customers about Sorghum?" asked a staff member at the delightful Kakulas Sister's Emporium in Fremantle.This question followed on from my question. I am very chatty slash nosy and I always ask people what they plan to do with interesting purchases....

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14 September
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Nice Cream Labs

Locating the Nice Cream Labs stall amongst the crowds and clamour in Fremantle market is not a hard task. The queue of inquisitive customers, the clouds of white vapour and the candy-coloured signs give the game away. I am here to speak to Tristan White,...

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07 August
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Backyard Ham Choy

  Rootling around for a quick blog post today I look out of my own kitchen window and see a neat row of green vegetables lined up in the bright winter sun.  My mother in law (henceforth known as MIL) goes about her business peacefully and...

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03 August
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Back in the saddle

I am back from a three week vacation to my home in the UK and to Singapore. Whilst it was refreshing to take a break from analysing and researching food and simply eat it (my scales tell me I ate enough to generate an extra...

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23 July