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American Meatloaf Recipe

"The Campbell's Treasury of Recipes" and it is, sure enough a trove of ideas, ALL of them with soup; Double Decker Chicken Mould, Pork Chops with Party Hats and Sprig O'Spring Soup. There is also Meat-Shell Pie which I don't really want to visualise. I have...

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03 August
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Chicken 3-Way

You know how to cook a chicken, right? Well then just look at the photos this week, the northern afternoon light does stream through my kitchen blinds in a most fetching way I confess. If you would like to add to your knowledge of how to obtain...

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16 June
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And from the North Western Quadrant…

  For the family fusion feast, my contribution was Lemon Meringue Pie for dessert. It's a triple layer of science: Pastry, Custard, Meringue. One of my guilty pleasures is watching Canadian Pastry Chef Anna Olson's series Sugar. Man, I 'm surprised that woman has any teeth left....

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14 June
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Fusion Family Style

This week one of the many cousins from  Sabah, East Malaysia,  and his family is here in holidaying in Perth. There is food. Lots and lots of food. Not fancy. Not restaurant standard. Not painstakingly thought out. Not complicated. Not towered nor stacked nor served...

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12 June
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Black Forest Gateau

  N.B. you really need to make this a day or a morning at the very least in advance. And make sure the kids are not underfoot you will need to give it your full attention but it is so very worth it. Cake: 175g butter or margarine 175g...

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12 February