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Penne, Greens and Beans Recipe

High in Resistant Starch, quick and easy and even better cold the next day for lunch. A flavourful, simple sauce can be quickly made to coat all ingredients, just remember to add some contrasting textures. 2 servings: one for dinner and one for lunch, cold, tomorrow which...

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02 September
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Broccoli Rabe and Steak

Although we are 48 hours away from our winter solstice it's 23 degrees and bright sunshine this Sunday.I don't actually have my Australian Passport yet so I'd better make safe and spark up the barbie:- I can do without a visit from the Immigration Department...

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22 June
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Cold. Sticky Toffee Date Cake Cold

Time to cook this again tonight for friends. It's winter here. It's chilly. Perfect for this: I'm afraid we were on to the second bottle of shiraz voigner when I took the pictures so they are slightly squiffy. Those aren't my hands Yes, I know there are...

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01 June
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American Meatloaf Recipe

"The Campbell's Treasury of Recipes" and it is, sure enough a trove of ideas, ALL of them with soup; Double Decker Chicken Mould, Pork Chops with Party Hats and Sprig O'Spring Soup. There is also Meat-Shell Pie which I don't really want to visualise. I have...

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03 August