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I am back from a three week vacation to my home in the UK and to Singapore. Whilst it was refreshing to take a break from analysing and researching food and simply eat it (my scales tell me I ate enough to generate an extra four kilos in body weight), now that I am back in Australia the Food Science and Technology ideas are flowing once more.

The tremendous range of produce, ready-meals and dairy products available in all UK supermarkets was astounding compared to Australia and I am curious to discover whether this is driven by consumer demand or industrial innovation.


Apples taste different: The luscious, crisp bite and complex fragrance of a Braeburn apple is a million miles away from the experience of eating a Granny Smith more used to 9 months of cold storage. Does the Australian demand for this green staple 12 months of the year compromise its intrinsic characteristics?

Similarly strawberries: true, the British heatwave that has divided the nation ( too hot to tolerate at 28 degrees or a cruel tantalisation of what summers should have been like all these years) meant the strawberry fields in Hampshire were heaving with perfect fruit, but at what cost to the growers?


Food choices were amazing in Singapore where innovation and tradition sit comfortably side by side on the dining table: A range of blended fruit-juice drink containing real pieces of collagen to enhance the complexion represent the modern while Bak Kut Teh  (pork bone soup) shops serve one’s collagen in a rich broth laden with every kind of offal.

So, much to explore and review in the lens of Food Science. And perhaps one restaurant review and one gratuitous pun and use of own child for illustrative purposes. I always said Crackling would not be that kind of blog, however dear reader, it would be a crime to pass this over this particular opportunity.


Getting every last morsel from Saddle of Rabbit at St John Bar and Restaurant, London.


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