After many years working as a cook and organiser in the outside catering industry, in London and Australia, I hung up my whites in 2011. I wanted to learn about how all that food gets to the plate and the pantry in the first place. I began by taking a post-graduate diploma Food Science and Technology and a Professional Writing and Research unit at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia.


I work for a large frozen meal manufacturer as a New Product Development Chef / Technologist.


Crackling helps me explore food science and food the food industry. By explaining to myself in a blog post, my understanding becomes clearer as I explore the world of food beyond the rim of the plate. It is a huge, multi-tiered place and there is plenty to see and learn.


Crackling will share research and news about ingredients, supply chains, nutrition, production methods, food security, food trends as well as present interviews with people in the food industry and food scientists. And, of course, there will be recipes.


Crackling is an independent, un-sponsored blog and no payment of any kind is ever taken for any article.


Susanna Morley-Wong
Post Grad Alumni,  Food Science and Technology department, School of Public Health, Curtin Univeristy, WA

Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology committee member. WA Branch newsletter Editor

Australian Science Communicators’ Group Member