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Pick Me! – Ride trends and get noticed

Space is expensive on the crowded shop shelves, however, working with Product Development Specialists could help you make the most of nutritional claims and consumer trends without eating in to your integrity as a quality producer. Imagine you are about to take your new product to...

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01 June
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Food Science? Like Heston, right?

Actually, no. Not like Heston. Well a little, in that we Food Scientists can help him with his hydrocolloid formulas so that the bubbles of kipper & marmalade flavoured creme anglais can stay inflated on the plate, sure. But the scope of Food Science (FS) is...

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25 June
salt tricolor
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Western Salt: pure and simple

An assortment of chefs, foodies and cooks are gathered in the boardroom of the Western Salt Refinery, right by the beach in North Coogee, just south of Fremantle. We read the company’s promotional leaflet and wonder what else we need to know about an ingredient...

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27 July
chillis and limes
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Wasting not, wanting not

Crackling has an affiliation with the Zero Food Waste Australia campaign, chilli plants withering towards the finish line of summer, an aging bag of juicing apples and a keffir lime tree. Time to share with the group. Zero Food Waste is a way of thinking around what...

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08 April
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Mirin and Teriyaki sauce

Japanese pantry basics bought, jet lag and karaoke bar hangover dispersed it was time to start cooking. But because I am a food technologist I need to know precisely what I'm dealing with. In her book "Japanese Women Don't Get Fat or Old" Naomi Moriyama talks...

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12 February
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Japanese study, the start

Japan has always held a special place in Crackling's heart / stomach. A 21st wedding anniversary trip, sans enfants, ramped everything up a few gears and then some. Result - resolution to learn the basics of Japanese home cooking. Share my journey. If you have a...

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04 February
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Reverse engineering the export to Asia model

Tardy trade agreements and competitors with sharper elbows have nudged the Australian share of China's food import market down to 3.3%. The AgriFood industry is grappling the problem night and day with endless rounds of forums and initiatives, none of which I shall bore you...

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31 May