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Wasting not, wanting not

08/04/2015 |

Crackling has an affiliation with the Zero Food Waste Australia campaign, chilli plants withering towards the finish line of summer, an aging bag of juicing apples and a keffir lime tree. Time to share with the group. Read More

Mirin and Teriyaki sauce

12/02/2015 |

Japanese pantry basics bought, jet lag and karaoke bar hangover dispersed it was time to start cooking. But because I am a food technologist I need to know precisely what I’m dealing with. Read More

Japanese study, the start

04/02/2015 |

Japan has always held a special place in Crackling’s heart / stomach. A 21st wedding anniversary trip, sans enfants, ramped everything up a few gears and then some. Result – resolution to learn the basics of Japanese home cooking. Share my journey. Read More

Maintaining energy levels with Low GI foods

20/07/2014 | 2

Full-time work in a large food manufacturing business is fast, busy, fascinating and demanding and I need to have the energy to match the pace. Read More

Reverse engineering the export to Asia model

31/05/2014 |

Tardy trade agreements and competitors with sharper elbows have nudged the Australian share of China’s food import market down to 3.3%. Read More

Unlocking the flavour & goodness in Salt Cod

30/04/2014 |


Flavoursome, flaky white fish a favourite Northern Hemisphere winter-time comfort food. Winter is coming to Australia and I am European, which explains this recipe post. Read More